Season 2: Cold Case


Heather is once again disappointed in Cat’s
standoffishness and subterfuge and when she finds out that Catherine is still
involved with Vincent, Heather walks off ….
all the way to the coffee shop and
Catherine follows after her. Cat asks Heather how she found her. The
answer is: she cracked the password of her “Find your Phone”, i.e MILO. So, we
learn that the Chandler sisters first pet was a cat and his name was Milo!

Heather claims to just want the truth, but, alas, she can’t handle the truth.
Cat was explaining this whole absurd seeming story in the sweetest, most
genuine way  and you could feel how much
she loves Vincent from how she described things to Heather. Background music: “BEAST” by LÁRA RÚNARS