Season 2: Cat and Mouse

and the Beast


Title║ Cat and Mouse

: Amy Van Curen ║ Director: Jeff Renfroe


air date in USA
: June 9, 2014 ║Network: The

CBS Television Studios

 “Cat and Mouse” was aired in Italy on December
5, 2014
Network: Rai 4

Title: Il Gatto e il Topo


Cat and Mouse is the 18th
episode of the Second Season, and the 40th episode overall.

The story was written by a woman,
Amy Van Curen. Jeff Renfroe returned to the director’s chair this episode, 2×07
last directing : “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”. “Cat and
was a deep and eventful episode that explored issues of loyalty and
trust among Vincent and Catherine’s friends and some others around them. Just
about every member of our fav team has to make a choice and pick a side and it
isn’t Gabe’s side 😡. We had some surprises in store, from the identity of Cat’s
kidnapper, to Gabe who certainly has taken his stand. He is not pretending
anymore; he wants Vincent not just caught, but eliminated, with the latter
aspect leading to some excellent confrontations between Gabe and the other

Vincat is back together, with
romance and secret unwavering love
. The team is reunited: JT with his loyalty and smarts, Tess with her
sense of justice and reason, Vincent with his passion and beastly senses and
Catherine with her bravery and all around badassery. Season 2 got rid of some things (the
procedural aspect, the relationship between Tess and the captain, the sister-so
far) but it also got rid of some of the heart and soul of the show which were
the central core to last season (the romance between Catherine and Vincent, and
the bromance between JT and Vincent, the Scooby Gang working together). VinCat are back together in full terms: there is no saving him /saving her,  there is saving “us”, they are
better and stronger together and they won’t forget that again !😍😍😍😍😍