Season 2: Beast is the New Black

circled and the cops landed to grab Vincent and take him back into
custody.  Delightfully, the only way to
make Cat seem innocent in this scenario was for Vincent to handcuff her to a
 Again. I like the continual theme of Vincent having
to do this to Cat, with her quipping that this was the third time and his
correcting her that it was actually the fourth😉.
It’s yet another example of the quirky, funny, steamy relationship these
two share.(.. go ahead and count them… we only know of 3 so the 4th had to be
“sex role play?” Such a bad guys VinCat 😊! Maybe Vincent had used  scarf to tie up Cat’s hands to the headboard
, in S1"Insatiable"episode:  it
was Vincent and Catherine’s first time together. Catherine did tell Vincent
that she couldn’t believe he was fishing for compliments after “what they
just did.”  Clearly, they had made
the night a night to remember, with some “creative activities”!)🔥