I’m pretty sure Gabe was the one who not…

pretty sure Gabe was the one who notified the authorities that Vincent was at
Catherine’s. Gabe was the only one who could sent the helicopter to Cat’s place
because he knew Vincent was there waiting for Cat. She said Vincent TO REMAIN
AT HER APARTMENT UNTIL HER RETURN right there in front of Gabe. and, in the
other hand, it was too fast for anyone else to know his whereabouts. Gabe
wasn’t pleased to see Vincent as showered-wet as Catherine, and aside from JT,
he was the only one who knew where Vincent was hiding. Gabe’s feelings for Cat
are strong, and with Reynolds in his head, he tips off the cops on Vincent’s
location,obviously, Gabe is further “leveling the playing field”!. Although she
initially planned to leave with him, the lights and sounds of an approaching
helicopter force Catherine to change her mind. She doesn’t want to slow Vincent
down. However she promises Vincent that they “will find each other". I
loved Cat’s conviction when she delivering this line! THE RECOGNITION IN THEIR FACES IS WHAT MAKES THEM AMAZING ACTORS.
The way Vincent looked at Catherine when she said he needs to leave her behind
but they will find each other again! The way he looked like he didn’t want to
leave her behind and he knew it wasn’t because she didn’t want to go with him
but she wanted him to get away safely and they couldn’t do that if they left
together. The worry that she feared he’d be gunned down!