Season 2: Beast is the New Black

Unfortunately, their not-last evening together was interrupted by Gabe.Gabe has good news and shares that he’s found that Reynolds did a wire transfer
for $10,000 to someone: an ex-convict named HARRY SALVO. A super excited
Catherine calls Vincent out and Gabe is not happy that he is there with her.
Vincent seems cautious and doesn’t want to get
hopes up.

Vincent coming out of the bathroom and the look on Gabe’s face as he
realizes that he’s interrupted some hot time between Vincent and Catherine.

I thought Gabe came late in the night thinking Cat was alone to take
advantage of her devastation after Vincent was supposedly gone, getting more
good point on her pretending to effort to help Vincent. But Vincent’s presence
ruin the plan for him.  Vincent proved
Gabe was wrong  thinking that  he would not have risked it all, showing himself in Catherine apartment which
surrounded by cops all over it because he couldn’t leave her without saying her
goodbye. That is why Gabe said to Vincent “you do realize there are cops
out there?” Yes, he does  but he
simply loves her that much to don’t care.💕