VINCENT: Catherine, I’ve come to say goo…

VINCENT: Catherine, I’ve come to say good-bye

CATHERINE: Good-bye?  

VINCENT: You could give up everything for us,
and I could get out of there worse than the beast I was when I killed Windsor.
Come on, you know it’s true. That’s why you were willing to risk everything to
get me out of there.

CATHERINE: No, I am risking everything because I love

VINCENT: I’m sorry, but I gotta
say good-bye. And ask you for one last
night where we can love each other as much as we do right now

She reminds him that “sacrifice for love” is a two way street but, truth
is, they have too many things working against them. Vincent asks for one
last night with her and… NO ONE is ever going to deny him that!It was so
romantic. I just love them together!💕❤