Season 2: Beast is the New Black

GABE: Well,
maybe I’m wrong, maybe his motives are pure, but it doesn’t feel very
protective, okay? Here you are, searching the city, worried sick, and he is
gonna show up here, a fugitive, and you’re going to be the one protecting him.
I would never do that to you. Now I really do sound like a vulture.

JT: You know how, when Muirfield was
after Vincent, he had to be ready to run? He kept a go bag, filled with cash,
phones, passports.

in the headstone. We saw it this morning.

Yeah, well, it’s gone, so…
Cat and Gabe go to the dungeon to see if there is Vincent hiding there. No
luck. Gabe shares his true feelings and how upset he is with how Vincent is
handling this situation: he thinks Vincent is a selfish jerk. Gabe concludes
that he really “does sound like a vulture” (he said it himself!). Just then,
Cat gets a call from JT to tell her the money/passports are gone from the grave
so looks like Vincent is gone.

You are a vulture Gabe….once again trying to put Vincent in a poor light,
YOU are the one surrounded by darkness, and it is slowly, but surely,
reinvading your heart and soul. Vincent is not gone; he would never leave
without telling Cat goodbye.