Season 2: Beast is the New Black

JT and
Catherine have their share of arguments , with him questioning why she would
actually tell Vincent she was planning to turn herself in for her role in the
Windsor case. Obviously, this would have
cause Vincent to panic at the thought of her self-sacrifice, which led to his
escape from jail. I think JT was a
little harsh here, because he may be right about the inevitable consequences,
but Vincent and Cat shouldn’t keep secrets from each other. I think Gabe’s
strategy is already causing problems between
Catherine and JT, who is absolutely about doing whatever it takes,
whatever the risk, to save his childhood friend. Vincent has been all the
family that JT has had for over ten years, and they have known each other their
whole life. By stirring up in-fighting within the core group that would help
Vincent, you allow for hesitation and delay when immediate action is required.