Season 2: Beast is the New Black

After exploding on Cat, JT leaves and Tess instantly goes after him, which
is a sign that she cares about him. JT is not being nice to Tess at all, so she
asks if he is still upset about the block away thing. JT doesn’t want to talk
about it because he has more present concerns, like coming to terms with losing
his best friend in the world. Neither is clearly sure as to where their (non)
relationship stands, and they both keep on saying the wrong thing and
misinterpreting what the other is saying. They are both terrible at reading
each other’s cues….they have a far way to go, so much to discover about each
other.  JT thinks Tess is embarrassed and
wants to keep their relationship secret and Tess thinks JT wants to keep things
casual and scolds JT for having blurted out the news that they’d slept together
right in front of Cat and Gabe.