Season 2: Beast is the New Black

and the Beast


Title║ Beast is the New

: Sherri Cooper &
Jennifer Levin ║ Director
: Fred Gerber

air date in USA
: June 2, 2014 ║Network: The

Television Studios

“Beasti s the New Black”
was aired in Italy on December 4,2014
Network: Rai 4


Beast is the New Black is
the 17th episode of the Second Season, and the 39th episode overall.

After Vincent  and
Catherine finally seemed to have put the worst behind them, they realize that
it was only the calm before the storm. Sherri Cooper and Jennifer Levin managed
to cram a whole lot of plot into 42 minutes, with a nice blend of humor, pathos
and intrigue, and most importantly, A LOT of wonderfully sexy, funny, romantic,
heartbreaking VinCat moments 😍🔥.
The episode also made good use of JT and Tess
that  are even starting to grow as a
couple, maybe because Tess seems to have softened up a bit in the way she
interacts with him. I love that everyone, particularly Catherine, immediately
assumed Gabe was responsible for Vincent’s arrest 😡,
indicating that months and
months of trying to “redeem” himself were all for naught. I’m just
glad his true nature is continuing to surface and expect Catherine  to twig onto the fact that he is still EVIL
and revoke his Scooby Gang membership any minute now. Vincent gets the quirky
idea to have slow dance with Catherine in the bath tub with all clothes on 🚿💞,
which sounds ridiculous and not as romantic as it ends up being. It’s the
wonderful sexual and romantic chemistry between JR and KK that make even a
cheesy  type shower scene seem like the
most romantic thing ever. 💋💋🎼
This tv show
struck gold with these two actors! “Beast is the New Black” really sheds light on
Catherine. She has been more herself in this episode than she has been in any
other episode of Season 2. There is one main reason because of that: her
Vincent has returned to being Number One in her life.
These two belong
together. Tess says it so well, they are not a fragile newbie couple, they are
. This episode had it all: intrigue, suspense, a long overdue hug between
JT and Cat and lots and lots of epic Vincat romance, a dance in the
shower, we wondering about that 4 time
with the handcuffs and Catherine is Vincent’s true gem, the one who keeps him
human and I will never get tired of the beating of her heart alerting him when
she is near.
The episode ends when we see Catherine, alone in her apartment,
suddenly and violently attacked and captured with a bag over her head.❗⁉