Season 2: About Last Night


Gabe drives Cat home and stops in front of her building and it’s clear
she’s chosen Vincent. He insists Vincent hasn’t changed and he can’t protect
her from him which annoys Cat that he thinks she needs protecting. He calls Cat
naïve and tells her she is making a mistake. His argument is that he used to be
what Vincent is and he knows he will end up hurting her. He won’t listen to
Cat’s claim that Vincent has indeed changed. She says she’s only sorry that
things didn’t work out between them. Gabe vows to not let Vincent hurt her.
That can’t mean anything good.

The break-up scene between Catherine and Gabe is really well done. It has
all of the emotions in a break-up that ring so true: the awkwardness, the
hollowness, the bitterness.  It’s hard
not to hate Gabe for still trying to manipulate Cat right up until the last
breath of their relationship, but he’s just getting pathetic now. Moreover, we can see that Catherine’s too
smart to let Gabe talk her into anything she doesn’t want to do…she’s the
only one who can do that. Now that Cat has made a decision, and it wasn’t him,
Gabe is on the offensive. He has nothing to lose. And if Sam’s character has
taught us anything, it’s that people with nothing to lose will do just about

The scene is amazing, I really like it, not only because we know what
happens here but Kristin and Sendhil are great in this scene! There actually is
good chemistry between them here! Unlike the “love” / kiss
/relationship scenes…You can feel the tension, the frosty atmosphere, the
pain… very dramatic