Hey bunblrs,

I really do hate to do this, but I wouldn’t if it wasn’t important to me…

So, my boyfriend is an English teacher and tutor. Currently, as his main source of income, he teaches English online to Chinese children. 

Today, he got an e-mail from the company he works for which said that due to new laws in China, all employees must have a teaching qualification. This isn’t something that was needed when he signed up with them. He has a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree, and numerous years of teaching under his belt. A teaching qualification is something he’s looked into getting, but due to many reasons including financial, it hasn’t been feasible as of yet.

Now, he has to either agree to pay for a TESOL certificate to keep working for them, or his contract will be stopped in two days time. The certificate the company are requiring him to obtain will cost $300 / £240. To many, this is easily done, however for us, it will add such a huge financial strain on to what is already a really tough time of year for us. Christmas is just around the corner, we both have to take two weeks off this month (and due to the nature of our jobs, there is no holiday pay), we are already struggling as it is. Having half his months wages taken out of his next payment is not what we need right now whatsoever.

Because of this, a good friend of ours has set up a gofundme to help ease the financial burden of what my boyfriend is being asked. Please please please share this around. Any amount, no matter how small, would be unbelievably appreciated by my boyfriend and I. https://www.gofundme.com/help-luke-keep-teaching

Thank you all so much. XX