Season 2: About Last Night

They are rejoined by Gabe to wrap up the case. Gabe’s not sure whether
he’ll be able to build a case, but he’s pretty sure that the subject of beasts
won’t come up in any of the legal proceedings (due to so many parties trying to
protect their own interests).

I noticed Caterine face was glowing and her eyes were shining. She finally
understood going forward is not necessarily throwing away everthing important
in her life but also learning to think in a different way. Facing herself, her
past mistakes and deciding to do it better next time. She doesn’t want to be in
a loveless reationship anymore but wants to feel again. And the only man she
has feelings for and LOVES is Vincent.
When Vincent leaves, he doesn’t need
words…He just knows. Her inability to deny what she really wanted was cannily
reflected in Vincent’s knowing gaze upon departing.   That smile says everything.The final glances
between Catherine and Vincent  were priceless.