Season 2: About Last Night

GABE: I’m saying it’s not just your life you’re risking
here, Vincent.

CATHERINE: Let’s go. 

VINCENT: Obviously I don’t make decisions
for Catherine.

Vincent and Catherine want to go after Sam, but Gabe thinks it is too
dangerous. Cat refuses to let Sam get away with it and to keep allowing Gabe to
order her around and just starts walking to the elevator. Vincent looks at Gabe
and says “I obviously don’t make decisions for Catherine” and then follows her
to the elevator. Repeatedly, Gabe has been telling Catherine what she can or
cannot do. Each time, she defies him with her own decisions, wether she
realizes it or not. Finally, she takes matters in her own hands and doesn’t let
a man decide her life for her.
Vincent obviously has learned his lesson from
previous times…especially from S01, even if it is unclear whether or not
Vincent received all of his memories back.
I think Gabe knew what was going to go down with Sam, and since he was
predisposed, he didn’t want to risk getting in the crossfire. Bottom line:
Cat wants to be treated like the grownup police woman that she is, for better
or worse.

gorgeous song “YOU KNOW YOU LIKE IT” exquisitely hitting on the sexy
chemistry between Vincent and Catherine.