Season 2: About Last Night

At  the Gentlemen’s Guild, JT and
Tess got their own little subplot as they work to track Sam down. She basically
blames JT for their failure at catching Sam and finding his next target. JT has
had enough. JT’s gruff attitude to Tess’s demanding one shows that he was
frustrated by her lack of communication about their connection. Once JT finally
confronted Tess about her issues, she gave a beautiful speech explaining that
she never expected to be drawn to someone like him and it scares her, because
whenever they aren’t together, she’s thinking about being with him. Wisely, JT
saw through her confusion  the important
part: that her feelings for him are real. Then she kisses him, like assaulting
him, just as some names came out  from
the decryption. When Tess, in no uncertain terms told him how he was everything
but her type, poor JT was literally crumbling! He is an intelligent,
resourceful, sweet guy with loyalty that knows no limits.The JT and Tess banter
are brilliant and so funny and I love their characters, but I have to admit I
am not JTnT fan, together, sorry.
Anyway they have to stick together for
Vincent & Catherine.