Season 2: About Last Night

In this
scene, Vincent is really trying!! He knows Catherine knows that he loves
her…now he’s trying to find ways to get her to open up to him! Catherine tells
Vincent her feelings / reasons behind not wanting to go backwards. She does
open up to him, and tell him that the thought of returning to their old
relationship scares her. They’re at a masquerade ball and undeniably
reminiscent of old times.

CATHERINE: this isn’t the place to talk about us.

Why not?

CATHERINE: Doesn’t this all seem vaguely familiar? Last year, masks,
us after a bad guy… you remember?

VINCENT: I do, I remember. I remember us
kissing, and I remember…

CATHERINE: Okay, that’s… that’s the problem, it
feels like the past, and that’s what scares me. Look, I don’t want to go
backward, Vincent. And I know that you’re trying to change, but I’m scared it
won’t last.