Season 2: About Last Night

CATHERINE:Tess, I thought I had this all figured out. I was gonna
go over there and tell him I was moving on with Gabe, but…

TESS: But your
heart got in the way.

CATHERINE: My libido got in the way. That doesn’t mean
that I’m gonna go back to Vincent. I HAVE TO MOVE FORWARD.

TESS: I know, but
it’s not like you’re picking a shirt here.

The very fact that Catherine believes her libido got in the way of her feelings
for Gabe (if she has any at all), proves that she has sexual desire for
VINCENT!!! And that Gabe, obviously, wasn’t satisfying enough. Why would a
woman in a new relationship where things suppose to be still hot in this
relation has a libido for any man else other than her called boyfriend ?! It
means there is something seriously wrong in this relation, simply her heart
isn’t in this relation at all, which leads us again to where her heart is
/with. I believe that the key to Catherine’s reluctance to commit to either
Gabe or Vincent is the fact that she has not felt in control of her life for
quite a while now.