Season 2: About Last Night

TESS: So, there was kissing?

CATHERINE: Yes, there was

TESS: Eye contact.


TESS: Okay, well, I hate to break
it to you, but it doesn’t sound like break-up s*x to me.

JT: Break-up s*x is
sloppy and short and generally not great. I mean, uh, that’s what I heard. Or
read. Online. Point is, you need to talk to Cat, you know? Find out what it
meant to her.

VINCENT: She walked out, man. She made it pretty clear what it
meant to her. Besides, she’s with Gabe.

JT: She’s not wearing a ring.

Tess decides that it was NOT break-up sex because there was “kissing”
involved.  JT is better informed on the
subject 😀(thanks to Google and/or personal experience), so he concludes it was
NOT breakup sex because break up sex tends to be “sloppy, short and generally
not great”. I  loved JT’s simple,
too-true assessment that break-up sex is the opposite of what Vincent and
Catherine had.