Season 2: About Last Night

JT: Look, all I’m saying is, you need answers.

TESS: Vincent’s
gonna want answers.

CATHERINE: I’m more concerned about what I’m gonna say to Gabe.
I feel like I cheated on him.

TESS: Okay, with all due respect to Gabe, it’s
not like you were living together. You didn’t even take his key. I mean, sure,
you owe him an explanation. But you have the right to change your mind.

Catherine immediately clings onto the idea of “break-up sex” and
dismisses her night with Vincent as a mistake. I think Catherine’s hilarious in
her way and has so many layers. There’s something amazing about her twisted
sense of logic and even impressive  in its self-deceiving complexity. First of all, she and Vincent broke up too
long ago for this to have been break-up sex.
Secondly, she’s already in a new relationship with Gabe, so even though
they’re not living together, she did pretty much cheat on him. Catherine doesn’t
even take her relationship with Gabe seriously enough to acknowledge the nature
of her transgression…and it’s reflective of the very truth here: she was
never committed to Gabe and she never let go of Vincent. Catherine
said “i feel like I cheated on him” about Gabe and the fact she isn’t
sure that this is considering cheating is clearly tells in her heart she never
took her relation with him seriously no matter how may times she said the
opposite !