I like JT & Tess’s supporting roles. They …

I like JT & Tess’s supporting roles. They really know
how to keep Vincent and Catherine sane during their break up! I know that Tess
was pushing Catherine towards Gabe (and JT was Tori/Vincent shipper), but I
think Tess just wanted her best friend to be happy, and truly believed that
Gabe could be that guy. (OBVIOUSLY SHE WAS WRONG!) No matter what has happened
in the past, but the fact that Catherine needed to talk to Tess about ‘what
happened,’ proves  she trusts Tess enough
to take her advice. She’s conflicted because she doesn’t know how to categorize
her night with Vincent let alone understand it and she needs ‘someone’ to tell
her that “her heart WANTS what it wants” (Vincent!) The parallel
scene between JT and Vincent and Cat and Tess was fantastic.