Season 2: About Last Night

and the Beast


Title║ About Last Night

Melissa Glenn ║ Director:
Stuart Gillard

air date in US
: March 10, 2014 ║Network: The

Television Studios

 “About Last Night” was
aired in Italy on December 3,2014
Network: Rai 4

Senza Maschera

About Last Night is the 16th
episode of the Second Season, and the 38th episode overall.

The new writer of this episode
was a female writer, Ms. Glenn, and it’s always nice to have another woman
around on the writing staff. “About Last Night” brings Catherine and Vincent’s long
separation to an end while working in a cliffhanger just to keep us in  suspense. Well, their happily ever after might
have been ripped away at the last second (again) but at least they are officially
back together and as Vincent said, they are better together than they are apart
and there’s nothing they can’t overcome when they’re together.
We have VinCat
reuniting, more Vincent and J.T. bonding, action and adventure as the Sam
plotline edges closer to resolution, hilarious shenanigans between our core
quartet, and even some sweet JT’nT action. Catherine’s repetitive phrase of
this episode is “I can’t go backwards”. It’s about time Catherine put her hangups
aside and prioritized her happiness over the words Gabe put in her mouth and
the smothering agitations that were fogging up her memory of what being with
Vincent was actually like.

KK and JR looked amazing and even
more so (if it’s even possible) together! They are just awesome! I mean, I
don’t care what they’re doing in a scene so long as they’re both in it. They
should have some kind of a lifelong contract to work exclusively together!💞💕❤