Season 2: Catch Me If You Can

CATHERINE: “I don’t want to hurt you.”

VINCENT: “ No, you deserve
to be happy, and I can’t make you happy.”


VINCENT: “Catherine, I’ve made a lot of
mistakes. I know.”

CATHERINE: “ We both have.”

Catherine’s turmoil also stems with
her fears.“I don’t want to hurt you”, that didn’t stem on her
relationship with Gabe but the fear of her having to hurt (kill) Vincent like
her father told her. Vincent at that point rambles about he understands and she
says “That’s not it”. Sometimes people stay away from each other on
fear of having the other get hurt.
I think her journey to finding her
betterself began with the trip to the boathouse first in her dreams and then at
the end of this episode. She will find herself by finding her way back to him,
just like Vincent has found his way back to himself by finding his way back to

Side note: Vincent is putting salt on his food, he actually has the salt
grinder pointing the wrong way. He has the bottom of the salt shaker pointing
toward the food……meaning no salt is coming out. LOL…….I wonder if
Vincent was uber nervous with Catherine there or it was just a fluke in the
scene? He did just heat the food up and took 2 bites and threw it in the