Season 2: Catch Me If You Can

Gabe tells Catherine he doesn’t understand why she
keeps ending up in Vincent’s arms. Cat reassures Gabe that she’s with him. But
Gabe wants Vincent out of her life, for good. And while Gabe frames it as a
request, it’s pretty clear his request is a requirement.😡

Cat is still in denial and says she wants to be with
Gabe though she clearly does not want it. She acts like a brainwashed puppet
especially in front of Gabe. That person is being bossy as hell, he keeps
giving her ridiculous ultimatums, yet she stays with him and takes it, not even
getting angry. What is wrong with her? I thinked about it. Catherine-S2 started
off  refusing to give up on Vincent and
believing in her heart that if he just got his memories back or was free of his
handler that everything would be ok. Following her heart, she gets shoved to
the ground, is reduced to begging the love of her life to choose her and their
relationship, and is forced to shoot the guy she wanted to spend the rest of
her life with. Following her heart didn’t work out so well for her, so then she
tries the head route.
Gabe has been there helpful and supportive, she doesn’t
have to hide anything about beasts from him, he knows about her parents, no big
secrets to keep from him, and he is waiting with open arms. So, while Vincent
has to find the balance between his human side and beast side, Cat has to find
the balance between her head and her heart.
Gabe know that Catherine is in love
with Vincent and he also know that Vincent loves Catherine more than anything.
When Vincent returned with no memory of Catherine but still definitely drawn to
her, they had lots of unfinished business. Maybe Gabe thought Vincent would
never remember Catherine or his love for her, or maybe he thought Vincent would
never regain his sense of self, but, whatever he thought, he was wrong. He inserted
himself into Catherine’s life, knowing that she had unresolved feelings for
Vincent so, he can hardly pretend to be the injured party now. He never gave
the woman space and Catherine listened to everyone except herself and made a
huge error getting involved with Gabe. Vincent is a superior human being with
all his flaws. He loves Catherine and he respects her. He love her selflessly
whereas Gabe seems to want a possession to control and manipulate. This just
makes me remember what Vincent told Catherine when Gabe first started
insinuating himself into her life (S1 ep.20 “Anniversary”):“I’ll
just be here for you when you realize the error of your ways”
If Gabe was
as smart as he thinks he is, he would know that making ultimatums is going to
blow up in his face.