Finally Xavier breathes again and gasps for ai…

Finally Xavier breathes again and gasps for air. Vincent asks Cat if she’s
okay and Catherine embraces Vincent like her life depended on it.
The power of
that gesture is overwhelming. Gabe and Tess arrive in time to witness the
exchange, the truth of it evident: Catherine can’t contemplate a life without
Vincent. It’s a beautiful embrace, of those we have not seen for some time, of
those that allow all the love that exists to shine through. The hug is not passionate,
but it’s intense, they practically melted into each other
and Gabe feels
clearly awkward and shows his dismay and I’m trying to interpret Tess’s
expression. The whole scene, the drama and tension, the music, everything was
done so well. Song: “WINTER” by MREE

♪ Winter ♪

They say love is in the air
So why can’t I breathe in this repair

Let’s say we trade heartbeats
what’s mine is yours and yours is mine
For when you’re here with me
I sleep so peacefully at night

Now heavy coats we wear
Snow clinging to your hair

Let’s say we both believe
That maybe all we need is time
Then maybe truthfully
We will be perfectly aligned

I don’t care what they say
I am already awake
My hands are shaking for you
For you

Let’s say our lips will meet
We’ll become lovers as I’ve seen
It can be black and white
or all the spectrums in bet