Season 2: Catch Me If You Can

Just then, Cat gets a phone call from Gabe. After some shuffling and
groping, she manages to answer her cell. Turns out Gabe found an apartment Sam
rented in the neighborhood. Thanks to JT they discover the apartment is right
in front of a not-so-secret CIA bunker.Their bickering crackles with chemistry
that even Gabe can’t deny when he gets an earful of it on the phone
. He has to
hear that Cat is stuck with Vincent
, that her “leg is falling asleep” and that
there is a giant saw involved
. The desire in Cat’s voice when Gabe asks her how
close they are and the first thing that crosses her mind was that they are “too
”, Vincent’s correction “He is talking about Sam” and Cat’s hilarious answer
to that “Ah, Close”just priceless.😁 I wonder what Gabe concluded from those
information! It was funny how Gabe kept asking questions and Cat kept talking
to Vincent… At that point, Vincent decides Cat has talked to Gabe long enough
so he hangs up her phone.👍