Season 2: Catch Me If You Can

Vincent is determined to keep his beast side down, because
it is what he thinks will win Catherine back to his side. He wants to find Sam
and bring him to justice, so he can put beasts behind him and prove to Cat he
is worthy of her love, once and for all.

JT: “Wait, why don’t you just sense him?”

VINCENT: “Because the man is very good at covering his tracks. At least he was
last time anyway. Besides, come on. I’ve gotta stop using that part of myself,

JT: “Don’t you think you’ve proven you can control your beastly
instincts by now?”

VINCENT: “No. No. I haven’t. At least not to Catherine. Not
yet. Come on, man, you know that I want her back, okay? But after everything
that I’ve put her through, if I want any chance at it, I-I gotta earn her trust
back, all right. “