Season 2: Redemption

GABE: “But he’s not a man, Catherine. He’s a beast.”

CATHERINE: “You don’t
really believe that.”

GABE: “Look, do you want to know what I believe? I
believe that your relationship with Vincent is getting in the way of ours.
It feels
like there are three of us in this relationship, and, sooner or later, that is
gonna have to be resolved, Catherine. VINCENT HAS TO GO.”

Gabe and Cat talk about their relationship with respect to Vincent and it
seems that he has finally reached the end of his rope that bonds Vincent and
Catherine. So how exactly is Cat supposed to remove Vincent from her life when
he’s such an integral part of her ongoing adventures?  And why should she have to deal with Gabe’s
problems right after she had to shoot someone and is miserable from that experience?
I’m starting to think Gabe’s letting his insecurities push him too far and, in
the end, they’re liable to be yet another factor pushing Cat back into
Vincent’s arms. Gabe really shows his true colors: he is bothered by the
constant presence of Vincent in his life as well as Vincent’s constant pull on
Cat. He sees it, he knows he can’t stop it but yet he gave her an ultimatum
that will undoubtedly not end well for him. Cat appears to be worried that this
will break Vincent. It really annoys me that Gabe is so “judgemental”
considering he was a bad beast not so long ago. It was Gabe himself who
insisted on Cat using Vincent as protection when Cat and Vincent were trying to
keep their distance. But what irritate me most is Gabe’s lack of faith in Catherine.
Gabe made a huge mistake in believing that Cat was truly “with” him
and his ultimatum will definitely prove to be his demise. Cat still has backbone, she is simply trying
to get herself together and clear the cobwebs so that she can emerge once again.