Season 2: Redemption

When Vincent ardently refuses to stay away and even tells her he
loves her, she physically pushes him away, causing him to hit his head in an
apparent deadly accident.

It’s very interesting to rewatch Catherine’s nightmare and listen to the
choice of words she put in Vincent’s mouth…..

– when she tells him it’s not fair to me, it’s not fair to Gabe….
:“Screw Gabe!”(Yay!)

-right after  he said : “Come
on, we both know you’re not supposed to be with Gabe, you’re supposed to be
with me

– when she talks about how they tried to be together…they were just not
meant to be…:“Ok. this is your father talking, not you!”

– when she asks to let her go : “Come on, I love you.”

She already has all the answers, she is beginnig to understand and it
scares her. Moreover, in Catherine’s dream, Vincent was:  arrogant, cocky… the way he is not lovable
at all, even when he said “I love you” it sounded assertive, not
romantic, and the mixture with all those messages that scare her so much made
her push him to death. However, Catherine is also noticing other things that
sound like old Vincent… hopefully she will hear those messages in a more
romantic scenario and the outcome will be very different…