Season 2: Redemption

When Cat wake up, etched across her face is the fear that ultimately she
and Vincent are only going to hurt one another. This terror is emblematic of
the overwhelming and potentially redemptive power of the love itself. The
episode title was very brilliant in this sense: Vincent’s working hard at
redeeming himself while Cat questions whether their bond is ultimately capable
of being redemptive or merely destructive.
And that conversation she had with Bob Reynolds earlier in the episode,
with her father urging her to sever all bonds with Vincent in the deadliest
terms, is not easing her anxiety. Catherine is sleeping with Gabe but she
dreamed about Vincent. Cat was with Gabe but she was worrying about Vincent,
J.T called and the first question she asked was “Where is Vincent?”,
she was sorry that she asked Vincent to help. Gabe said Vincent is a beast but
she said “You don’t really believe that” she was shocked. On the
other hand, the Old Vincent is back, Catherine brought him back, now Vincent
will bring the Old Catherine back.