I’ve been reading 3 different batb stories today and I like all of them so the “be inspired not jealous” struggle is back

so it occurred to me today that i should probably let y’all know what these good good batb stories are

megan kearney’s beauty and the beast

  • webcomic, i’ve been reading this for nigh unto… 5? 6? years, you may have seen me talk about it before, and it’s just coming to a close. couldn’t be happier. can’t wait to buy the whole thing in print. tumblr @batbcomic

the master of my fate by greenarcher

  • batb 2017 au that is way better than batb 2017. you may quote me. i have no idea where it’s going but i’m very much enjoying the ride, and i’ve been following mel’s work since my Early Fanfiction Dot Net Days. great friend, always has great analysis. tumblr @fluteskywalker@a-lost-illusion

ever just the same by theteaisaddictive

  • disney au (mixed canon), AND IT’S LESBIANS. really enjoying that and loving the prose. rae has many good batb opinions in general. tumblr @theteaisaddictive @bi-queer-ious

check ‘em out, have fun