Season 2: Redemption

Cat goes to see Dad Reynolds at the prison. She asks about the Beast
selection process and Bob says her that it had something to do DNA. He doesn’t
know the details, but he knows some people are genetically predisposed to
become beasts. The ones that aren’t could die when injected with the serum.
Then Bob rants about Cat needing to deliver the world from beasts before they
destroy her… meaning: she must kill Vincent. It
almost sound like a prophecy and that it is Cat’s “destiny” destroying
beasts. This shakes Cat. But what really is Catherine’s destiny besides being
the love of Vincent’s life? She is still struggling with her own demons. She is
trying so hard to make a go of it with Gabe, but she is still very conflicted
and that conversation she had with Bob Reynolds is not easing her anxiety.