Season 2: Redemption

and the Beast


Title║ Redemption

John A.Norris ║ Director
Grant Harvey

air date in US
: February 17, 2014 ║Network: The

Death” was aired in Italy on December 1
Network: Rai 4


 This episode starts an ends  with a
dream  sequence………..Cat’s
dream (or rather nightmare)at the end of the episode is juxtaposed nicely
against the one Vincent has at the beginning of the episode. As Vincent dreams
of Cat coming to his houseboat to reconcile with an almost kiss, Catherine
dreams of telling Vincent that they need to stay away from each other.
Vincent ardently refuses and even tells her he loves her, she physically pushes
him away, causing him to hit his head in an apparent deadly accident. Vincent’s
dream shows his true self, caring, protective and a little unsure of himself.
Cat’s dream shows the beast he forced her to deal with. Hard, demanding, cocky
and unconsiderate. Which shows that she absolutely didn’t see the changes on
him. That’s how much his image is damaged to her. Vincent took 11 episodes to
find his way back to himself. How will Cat back to see him as a good man in
only 1 episode?

Vincent gets a taste of his old life as Dr. Keller, the talented and
dedicated doctor who would do anything to save lives. He saves a young man’s
life and is greeted warmly by a former mentor, Dr. Markus, played with gravitas

Gabe  true colors (the possessiveness
towards the end of the episode) is starting to show up.