Hi batbcomic how are you doing? I thinking as …

Hi batbcomic how are you doing? I thinking as fan of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. What do you as fan have always wanted to see out of these characters not just in their character design, but also in their personality? And thank you for making this blog it's always nice to know that I am not the fan of this fairy tale.

Hi Angellynnhaley!

Beauty and The Beast is such a layered story, with so many ways of coming at it. I think I like how they’ve grown in the comic. They really have changed from the characters I first conceived them as. Beauty’s childishness was a bit of a surprise to me, but I think it’s a good element that explains her impetuousness , but also her capacity for compassion, and it gives her a personal challenge to grow out of. The Beast began quite composed, mature and mysterious and now he’s just sort of a shambling anxiety attack, which I’m not sure how to feel about!

 But I do have to say, I enjoy reading a good mysterious-and-composed Beast just as much as I like the occasional feral-but-tender Beast. Beauties seem harder to write, and they often fall a bit flat for me (I love love love Panna a Netvor, but Julie is sort of wishy washy. She couldn’t hold that film on her own, and that seems true of a LOT of Belles). I guess they’ve become a bit of an audience proxy, and so they often don’t have a lot of strong defining traits. I’d like to read some stories where I was as invested in Beauty’s tale as I was in the Beast’s!