Season 2: Till Death

Vincent finds Gabe hiding from Sam in the garden. He gives him some advice
on how to pretend to be dead and on dating Catherine. Vincent talks Gabe into giving Cat another chance (after
delivering a bravura speech about actually being a good friend to Cat by
looking out for her the way a real friend should) and apologizes to Gabe for breaking
into his loft and Gabe says he should be
the one apologizing for… you know TRYING TO KILL HIM! I suppose a little
breaking and entering doesn’t really match up to Gabe trying to kill Vincent!

I noticed that basicly Vincent admits to Gabe that being “only”
friend to Catherine is very difficult for him! So Gabe is conscious that
Vincent still have feelings for Catherine? I wonder..

Alas Vincent, being selfless towards Catherine because you love her… to
the point of giving advices to Gabe about her?? That sentence to Gabe about
take-outs and some others friendly advice annoyed me!! Still… I always thought
Gabe had a secret agenda…