Inside, Gabe and Cat make up. Gabe tells her h…

Inside, Gabe and Cat make up. Gabe tells her he has been making “grand
gestures” (trip to Mexico, coffee, banners ????😵) to overcompensate for the
“horrible things he did”. I don’t think any gesture could be big enough to make
up for what Gabe did.

For Catherine being with Gabe is her way to look for an end of her
unconditional love, it’s a way for her to avoid suffering. She knows that there
won’t be room in her heart to replace Vincent so she’s cutting all her ties
with the hope of a future filled with the kind of love she found in him. It’s
rather clear that she alredy has some dubts on this relationship with Gabe: she
says “I have to trust that. I do trust that”. But she has a long
memory, she WISHES she could forgive and forget quickly, but she cannot.
Gabe told
Cat that he will not hurt her , and we will just have to wait and see how
genuine he is in saying this.