Season 2: Till Death

Catherine goes to Gabe’s loft to “grovel” by “bringing Mexico”. Why is
Catherine apologizing to Gabe again? She had every reason to distrust him! And
Gabe dares to get all offended!
The absurdity with which Gabe
proceeds to act all haughty and offended by Catherine’s suspicions of him
“is through the roof”. But Gabe, when you try to kill someone, it’s
going to take more than a few months to fully redeem yourself!!  He’s lucky Catherine gives him a benefit of
the doubt!

CATHERINE: “Look, I just got back from Sam and Dana’s. They lost a son,
some complication in a clinical trial, and they blamed each other, their
marriage broke up, and if they can get past all of that, who am I to hang on to

GABE:” The thing is, you’re right. It is hard to forget some things. Like you
conspiring against me with your ex, like…”