Season 2: Till Death

Vincent calls and informs Cat and Gabe that all the bones belong to Gabe’s
fellow orphans which, added to Gabe being experimented on by Muirfield, means
either these victims were chosen to frame Gabe or maybe Muirfield is involved.
Gabe checks the records he’s pulled about Barnes and finds that Barnes was in a
court case against Sam over some medical stuff, there’s no way Sam could not
have met Barnes, there’s no way he could not have known what Barnes looked
like. Which is why Dana would have inevitably come into contact with the man,
explaining how she knew the name. After his conversation with Cat and
Gabe, Vincent is disappointed because he realizes his “window just closed”.
Vincent, when a guy looks like you no window is ever closed!😘💋

MY SPECULATION:Gabe has  a case file
with Sam’s name on it as the co-petitioner of some court case. Why bring home
up that file and a lot of others files? Why bring up Sam’s name now, and not
earlier? He knew exactly where the file was….