Season 2: Till Death

Vincent goes to Catherine’s place where he finds Cat  is kissing Gabe 😮.Vincent grabs Gabe and
violently pushes him against the wall. When Vincent presents the vial to Gabe,
he’s not the least bit shocked. Vincent asks him to explain himself, and Gabe
immediately turns to Catherine (avoiding the question) and says, “You’ve been
talking to him about me?”

Vincent immediately replies, “It’s the serum that Barnes forced JT to make.
What was it doing in your apartment?”

Gabe quickly (again) deflects the question by countering Vincent. “What
were you doing in my apartment?”

Vincent: “Answer the question!”

Gabe: “I have no idea what it was doing there; for all I know, you planted

Gabe gets indignant because he has changed into such a good guy but Cat
points out FINALLY that it wasn’t so long ago he tried to kill Vincent and
kidnap her.