Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

Vincent locates a fading Tori, but she refuses a hospital,
claiming it’s too late her for her. He apologises, saying he should have
protected her and she tells him he should have known that he belongs with

Just my two cents.

Tori’s death scene do NOT touched me particularly and was
NOT satisfying for me. Although I dont begrudge Vincent for showing some
emotion and compassion to a dying friend/lover. It showed he was still in tune
with his human side. I think Tori was an “accidental” heroine. She
didn’t go out to selflessly save JT, she only did it to try and get Vincent
back. I still don’t see Tori’s purpose, other than to break VinCat up and cause
everyone angst. Did Tori have a purpose other than to bring a new girl to
Vincent on the show? A new redhead, by the way? It establishes a pattern and
makes you question why he calls a petite brunette the love of his life when he
keeps stumbling over statuesque redheads!🤔