Season 2: Recipe for Disaster

and the Beast


Title: Recipe for Disaster

Kern /Wendy Straker Hauser
Director: Allan

Original Airdate in US: February 3,2014/ Network: The CW

Production Company: CBS
Television Studios

“Recipe for Disaster”was aired in Italy on:August 28, 2014/Network: RAI 2

Italian title: “Ricetta
per un Disastro”

JT and Tori fulfill important role in this episode, a
central role, actually. JT is scammed into believing that he has won a
prestigious award for his work in science. He ends up chained in an ancient
dungeon, forced to work on making the beast serum and serving as bait for his
beast friend. Vincent seems is pulling away from Tori and to back towards
Catherine. Tori dies trying to do the right thing and  to make Vincent proud of her: to save J.T.
after he was kidnapped.  FBI Agent Dana
Landon gets a blast from her past when a stranger (Tom Everett Scott) is
rescued with J.T. Catherine decides, at the end of the episode, to move forward
with Gabe. Colm Feore plays, with appropriate menace, the role of Tony Barnes/Frank Darnell, a  mysterious big bad, a real estate mogul/con
man who kidnaps JT and who is killed by Cat just as he is about to kill
Vincent. He should have been the big bad, but
he died as cover for the real big bad. Vincent finally learn the truth
about what happened with himself being made into the man/beast he is. Austin
Basis and Jay Ryan were both great in this scene.