Season 2: Held Hostage

Cat and Tess bring Tori back to the precinct for an
interrogation/three-way-cat-fight. It was awesome to finally get a couple of
feisty head-on confrontations between Cat and Tori. Tori was unbearable in this
And not even because of what she was saying, but because how she was
saying it
. Catherine looked determined, strong, yet a little hurt and jealous.
She was sassily priceless and quite correct in telling the She-Beast  that Vincent’s taking Tori out on the town to
draw out dangerous villains does not equal a date. Tess got some great quips in
as well, such as suggesting that Tori avoid ending up in a lab, “you know,
like E.T. at the end of the movie?”
😀At some point, Dana walks in.
Catherine does her best to make the cat-fight look like a regular interrogation.
Dana takes- over and we all start praying for Tori not to kill her.