Season 2: Held Hostage

and the Beast


Title: Hold Hostage

Pamela Sue Anton / Director:
Sudz Sutherland

Original Airdate in US: January 27,2014/ Network: The CW

Production Company: CBS
Television Studios

“Held Hostage” was aired
in Italy on
: August 21, 2014/Network: RAI

Italian title: “Ostaggi”

Alas, Gabe. He still thinks he can get Catherine and have
the upper hand over Vincent. Gabe is going to wait while Catherine discovers
the strong woman he knows is still lurking inside her (and when she appears,
she’ll recognize her affection toward Gabe wasn’t genuine). After a tense
hostage situation that not only revealed to Catherine what she always loved
about Vincent
besides those biceps and abs😊😘, but also gave them the opportunity
to learn more about each other’s personal stake in the necklace.That necklace
not only seems to be at the heart of the beast mythology, it appears to have
some hold over beasts when they are in possession of it.
The dynamic between
Cat and Vincent during the stressful situation is much better than it has been
in a very long time, the true appeal of the chemistry of Kristin Kreuk and Jay
Ryan is obvious.
Catherine and Vincent both have some unresolved issues that
they’re going to have to work out. Until then, at least for now, they’ve
managed to find some equal ground to stand on. JT is not in this episode: they
didn’t even mention inviting him to Tess’s birthday party. Really?🤬