Season 2: Ancestors

Catherine: Why are you following me?

Vincent: I’m not following you.

Catherine: Yeah? Then why’d you follow me to the bar last night?

Vincent: I
didn’t follow you to the bar. In fact, what were you doing at the bar last

Catherine: Same thing I’m doing here– working on a case. So don’t blow my cover.

They realize they are after the same thing: the gem. Sparks fly between the
two former lovers.The claws are out on both sides when Vincent and Cat argued
over who should get the gem.  Vincent
needs it to understand the history of beasts and therefore who he is.
wants to prevent that the jewel ending up in the wrong hands.
Even though there
is a lot of anger between them, it is nice and sad to see them both back in
fighting mode, competent and in charge. They challenge each other at every