Season 2: Don’t Die On Me

CAT: “You
don’t look fine.”

VINCENT: “Well, I’m not really your problem anymore, am I?


“Don’t blame me for this”

VINCENT: “Why not? You’re the one who pulled the

CAT: “I gave you a choice”

VINCENT: “No, you chose him over me”

VINCENT: “Your father tried to kill me!”

CAT: “I couldn’t let you kill him!”

VINCENT: “So you shot me instead?”

CAT: “Do you think I wanted to?”

CAT: “Look, Vincent, I told you that I couldn’t be the only one fighting
for us, and I meant that.”

CAT: “I really didn’t want it to end this way. But I guess it has.”

VINCENT: “Looks like it. At least you don’t have to cover for me anymore.”

interaction between Cat and Vincent in his boat was awesome in the most painful
way.Vincent is injured and betrayed, Catherine is disappointed and frustrated. 💔