Season 2: Don’t Die On Me

and the Beast


Title: Don’t
Die On Me

Written by: Eric
Director: Mairzee Almas

Original Airdate in US: January 13,2014/ Network: The CW

Production Company: CBS Television Studios

“Don’t Die On Me?” was
aired in Italy on August 7, 2014
/Network: RAI 2

Italian title: “Ferita

“Don’t Die On Me” was one of the best and painful
episodes of season 2 so far and a solid stepping stone for things to come. Cat
and Vincent  are apart
and each hurt by
the other’s choices, they have a long road to finding their happy-ending
again.  At this time, it feels
insurmountable. It seems like Cat is ready to move on and was open to having
coffee with Gabe. The bond between Tori and Vincent  becomes a little tighter and Vincent in a
press conference reveals his presence to the world with Tori as support .The
raw animal attraction that sparks whenever Vincent and Tori are together is
hard enough to explain and deal with 😤. JT and Tess expand their friendship: JT
shares a vulnerable moment wherein he explains his role in the
Vincent-Muirfield debacle and Tess shares some very wise advice with him.This
is such a completely adorable and often funny pairing. I’m super curious to
unravel the mystery of the beastly skeletal remains that Cat found in Chelsea
Curios. Maybe was an ancestor of Beasts, the super-true-real source of
Muirfield experiments.