Season 2: Man or Beast?

While Cat
is unconscious…….

Vincent plucks Bob out of the back of the car

BOB: “I would do it again to save my daughter from a beast like you.”

VINCENT: “You failed”

CAT: “Let him go. I can’t let you do this”

CAT: “Vincent, we’ve got him– it’s over.”

VINCENT: “It’ll never be over as
long as he’s alive”

CAT: “I am begging you! You still have a choice. You can choose to walk
away and save yourself… SAVE US

CAT: “Please don’t make everything that we’ve been through, everything that
we’ve meant to each other be for nothing”

seems to listen and finally steps back 

A second later, Vincent snaps and goes back to attacking him.Cat shoots
him.Yes, that happened.

He looks shocked and mostly hurt, not only physically, after realizing what
happened. Then Vincent runs off into the night.

Both Jay and Kristin gave it all in that scene. It was very powerful and
devastating to watch