Season 2: Guess  Who’s Coming To Dinner?

and the Beast


Title: Guess
Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Written by: Wendy
Straker Hauser/
Director: Jeff Renfroe

Original Airdate in US: November 18,2013/ Network: The CW

: CBS Television Studios

“Guess Who’s Coming To
Dinner?” was aired in Italy on July 24, 2014/Network:

This episode was written by a new comer Wendy Straker
. It also welcomed yet another newbie director, Jeff Renfroe. It’s
Thanksgiving time and Bob Reynolds wants to spend some quality time with his
daughter. He invites Catherine and her boyfriend to a quiet 😱Thanksgiving dinner
in Montauk. This ep marks the start of “Tori arc”: the entire arc was
and is painful still to watch for me. Plus, this is the episode of “THE
KISS”: i.e.Tori kisses Vincent while Catherine witnessing the scene. If it
weren’t for “the incident”, I could have loved the episode.There are some funny
lines, JT is back and Tori’s character was a character with potential.The idea
of a born beast who was female was intriguing.The love interests for Vincent
wasn’t necessary,
in my opinion. I would also preferred it if JT and Tess would
go more in the direction of Brotp than lovers. Ted Whitthal, Agent Reynolds,
stole the show. What a fantastic actor! I hated Reynolds more than ever in this
episode because of his manipulation of Catherine but I couldn’t help enjoy the
character on-screen all the same.