He can’t really explain his behavior,he just r…

He can’t really explain his behavior,he just reacted in a
surge of energy and rage and he acknowledges that it makes it seem like he’s
getting worse instead of better.Catherine is very understanding: she says his
progress can be expected to be two steps forward, one step back. (Um, Cat? 🤔 He ripped the guy’s heart out. That’s just a step back, isn’t it? It’s the
opposite of him getting his “humanity” back).
They tentatively hug
but both are silently brooding and trying to hide their concern so that they
can comfort each other. Vincent says he just wishes he knew “what triggered it”.
                                 (Hint: it has red
hair) 😡
                                                                                   Song “ YOU CAN ALWAYS LEAN ON ME” by LIZ