Season 2: Hothead

and the Beast


Title: Hothead

Story by: Roger
Director: Michael Robison

Airdate in US
: October 28, 2013/
: The CW

“Hothead” was aired in
Italy on July 10, 2014/Network: RAI 2

There is a new comer in the director’s chair for
“Hothead”, Michael Robison. This episode is a Vincent episode.
insights and intimacies in this episode belong to him and not just in the
flashbacks.His state of mind in the present was examined more closely as well,
both when he was alone and when he was with Catherine. We learn more Vincent
 with the lovely addition of Aaron Keller, Vincent’s nephew. But is this the
only one episode we will see him in. Vincent’s memories are starting to flood
back thanks to unanticipated stimuli. One of the things that Vincent  does remember is that he had brothers, loved
them so much and then how he lost them. We have a new VinCat that has the
potential to be something even more wonderful . In this episode of Beauty and
the Beast, Vincent and Cat are on the same side, just like old times, and they
still make a pretty good team
. Although their dynamic is clearly altered, there
is still a sense of familiarity about the pair. We don’t see J.T. in this
episode, thing that disappointed me.😏😏