Reading: Beauty and the Beast

I finally got around to reading the original translation of the well known fairytale. Though it’s one of my favourite tales, I’d never read it before – it was really fun, but also exhausting.

  • Like. Sentences just keep going? Whole paragraphs are just a sentence.
  • Beauty was so pure that everyone just started calling her The Beauty? What was her name. Who started it I mean everyone just went along with it.
  • Her sisters hated her so much that they were almost gleeful when she left, even though even she thought she would be the Beasts dinner.
  • On her first night there she had a five-hour dream where she saw the prince in a hundred different places telling her he would love her.
  • The dreams only get weirder??? Like they are SO SYMBOLIC like the prince stabbed the beast in the dream and the beast wanted him to. And they like, were both sat on the same throne HOW DID SHE NOT KNOW.
  • The monkeys teach a parrot to interpret what they want to say to Beauty it’s great.
  • Her dad is kinda evil? When she returns to them he’s like ‘your sisters are spoilt, now you are here I will marry all of them off and you and I can live with your brothers – because they actually missed you – or we can just abandon all of them. Your choice, kid’
  • All her sister’s suitors left them because they ALL fell in love with Beauty
  • No seriously all of them. They kept making up games and excuses just to see her and when she was like ‘dude I only came back to see my sister’s married’ they all basically went ‘YOU HAVE SISTERS?’ because they no longer loved them all.
  • And then Beauty doesn’t even realize that her sisters hate her like the two months are nearly over and her sisters are practically PUSHING her out of the door and she thinks they are being true and right and agreeing with Beauty’s honour. No, kid, no, they HATE you.
  • … the Beast actually has a surprising lack of page time, I almost feel sorry for him.
  • “she no longer doubted he was dead, and consequently gave utterance to the most mournful shrieks and the most affecting exclamations” this is so dramatic I can’t stop laughing about mournful shrieks.
  • Basically the first thing the Beasts mother did when the spell was broken was be like ‘oh Beauty is nothing more than a commoner you cannot marry her’
  • No offence but no wonder the fairy cursed him. I don’t agree with the fact she wanted to marry him, but does he have to mention how old and ugly she is every three sentences, this woman RAISED you, Beast.
  • why does no one in this book have a name
  • Beast knew beauty was coming – he and the fairy came up with the whole ‘threaten her father’ plan. Idk about Beauty but I’d be pissed off about that
  • The curse didn’t just make him into a beast he couldn’t TALK to beauty other than to ask for her hand, he couldn’t do anything to change what she thought of him jesus the Scorned Fairy is horrible
  • Someone needs to tell the good fairy that basically going “DUDE STOP HUGGING BEAUTY SHE AIN’T YOUR KID” is not the way to break the news to the man who raised her.
  • … The end chapter is just the wrap up ‘happy every after’ she still calls the merchant her father and everything. Yay, everyone’s happy. Except, you know, the five sisters who dont just now every her but HATE her because of course, Beauty is actually a lost princess and all their husbands still love her and would have left the sisters for her if she wasn’t marrying a prince (no really it says that)
  • Hang on beauty and the prince decided they didn’t want the rule or have the throne
  • AND I’M DONE! It’s taken me over a month to get through this book – though I’m so glad I read it. It’s interesting to compare it to all the film/retellings over the years, to see what parts of it have been lost (like the fact they’re COUSINS)

– – –

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